Lumma — 4D E-Motion will receive the premiere Technology Award at ShowEast as a part of the International Awards Luncheon

“ShowEast is thrilled to honor Lumma — 4D E-Motion with the inaugural Technology Award,” said Andrew Sunshine, President of the Film Expo Group. “They have been an innovator in cinema seating and a pioneer in helping create the premium movie-going experience. We congratulate them on this richly deserved honor, he continues.”

Lumma is a company dedicated to the development of new technologies and multisensory experiences for the cinema industry.

Lumma created 4D E-Motion, a theater system equipped with motion seats and outstanding special effects. You can experience wind, water, vibration, scents and air shots among other effects, perfectly synchronized with the on-screen action.

4D E-Motion set up a new standard in the quality of the experience, getting together a team of filmmakers and engineers to shape the most immersive experience for the moviegoers.

Lumma Audiovisual Engineering, founded in 2014 by Marcos Franco, Antonela Salvador, Gabriel Castarés and Sebastián Franco, began developing technological attractions for theme parks with the help of its engineering department. From then on, this passionate team started looking to innovate in special formats that go beyond audiovisual limits, tracing an impressive career to add a Brand-New Dimension to the Cinematic Experience.

4D E-Motion was developed by its founders together with its interdisciplinary team in Argentina and Canada and turned out to be one of the most embraced experiences by moviegoers.

The first of the 4D E-Motion theaters were installed in Argentina in 2016. Since then, Lumma has introduced its technology in 14 different countries, in a diversity of regions, such as Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and continues to expand into new markets.

Lumma partnered with companies such as Cinepolis, Cinemark, Multicines, Caribbean Cinemas and Megamara, among others, offering robust and solid technology with worry free maintenance, which is highly praised by the exhibitors. Lumma offers turnkey project installations: study of feasibility, theater adaptation, development, production, installation, and technical support worldwide.

Lumma´s 4D Sync Department in North Hollywood has a team of skilled artists and technicians, specialized in 4D Technology, with a deep understanding of cinematic language that enables a seamless integration of the 4D narrative elements.

The accurate artistic criteria for the synchronization was built together with the Studios representatives, who have been playing a key role in the process and continue to contribute to its development. Since 2016 Lumma has synchronized over 300 movies, released the biggest blockbusters of various genres and engaging the audience in a cinematic experience never seen before.


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